ODE Report Card Report
ODE Report Card Report
Damon Dohar
Thursday, September 14 2017

Weathersfield Local Schools continue to improve on ODE Report Card


The Weathersfield Local Schools have continued with solid growth on the 2016-2017 ODE Report Card.  The School District received a few of the following grades:

Overall Graduation Component         A        

4 year Graduation Rate                         A

5 year Graduation Rate                         B

School Progress                                     B

K to 3 Literacy                                         B

Achievement Component Grade        C

The district has improved in its Reading Scores and Math Scores in numerous areas.  The test scores outperformed state averages in every area.  Our performance index has improved from 89 to 92.  Overall, we ranked in the top schools of Trumbull County and continue to strive to be the best. 


Weathersfield Local School district is one of the only schools in Trumbull County that had a High School rate Bronze with US News and World Reports.

MRHS, for 2017-2018, now boasts 3 College Credit Plus Classes (Calculus, Composition, and World Literature)

MRHS, for 2017-2018, now boasts AP Classes for Physics, Statistics, Art, and English

MRHS, for 2017-2018, now boasts Cooperative Based Intervention and Cooperative Based Experience classes

MRHS has created a 3D printing class where students build a 3D printer and learn its operations and uses in biomedical engineering

Seaborn Elementary and MRHS will receive an award for Student Progress for the 3rd year in a row.

MRHS has been named a School of Promise

Seaborn has been named a School of Promise

Weathersfield continues to be a trend setter in the field of Special Education

The creation of two Pre School Classes at Seaborn has increased early childhood education immensely in the past two years

Areas of Improvement

Seaborn has expanded Title I Reading to aid in the 3rd Grade Reading Component

Seaborn will have after school tutoring in the near future

MRHS has in school tutoring for Math

Seaborn has added additional Title I aid in Math Classes from grades 4 to 6

The district continues to work diligently on new programs to increase student growth in every area.